Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cool Swimmer

Cool Swimmer, watercolor, 5.5x8" ©Diane Mannion

Day 11 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Painted on Arches 140 lb cold press, my favorite paper!  Pleased with this one, sometimes they're a surprise and if it weren't for the 30/30, I might not have painted it.  From a photo reference I took last summer that I picked out of hundreds in my files.  

I don't like painting from photos, so I changed and simplified this a lot.  Worked on several layers of glazing using transparent colors in a fairly limited palette.  A warm and cool of each primary.  Also used masking for the highlights in the water and on the goggles.



Wendy Barrett said...

This is divine Diane! You are a master!

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you, Wendy. It's great when one turns out well... doesn't happen every time, but if they all turned out great, how boring would that be?