Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning, 5x5" watercolor, plein air sketch, ©Diane Mannion

Aqua Brush Practice

Walked Shadow then painted this with two aqua brushes.   Pentel Aquash large round, very good for this type of brush.  Has excellent point for detail work and washes larger areas when pressed and squeezed.  No need to carry any water except for what's in the handle (for an hour painting session, only used half).  

Also tried for the first time a large flat, Aquastroke Brush Pen... could cover larger areas than the Pentel, the brush seems too loose and floppy for my taste, but someone else might love it.  Both are handy to have for quick sketching but really prefer my regular brushes.

Drew the design first with the Pentel using yellow, instead of pencil lines.  Should also mention that it takes awhile to get used to not having a water jar.  Simply rub the paint off the brush on a paper towel and dip into the next color.  If more water is needed in the painting or paintbox well, squeeze the handle.  Fun!

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