Friday, December 5, 2014

Painting at Sharkys

Painting at Sharky's, 9x12" oil, plein air, ©Diane Mannion

Artists Painting

The Light Chasers plein air artistss surrounded Sharky's by the pier in Venice yesterday.  Windy day, gorgeous light and sunshine... painter's paradise!

I enjoy the company of artists as much as I love painting!  

But this painting was a struggle (so what else is new?).  Stood in the sun and couldn't figure out why my umbrella was the only one that kept popping off, must have been in a wind gust alley because I noticed the artists in front of me had no problem.  Also could not find my glasses.  Also forgot the term KISS... keep it simple stupid.  But aside from the tinkering and fiddling, I think this painting gives a good impression of the lovely morning.


Wendy Barrett said...

Hi Diane, I LOVE all your latest watercolour sketches. Your fears of facing a blank canvas resonate with my own. I also know what you mean about how freeing it is to dispense with preliminary pencil work(I have been going straight in with ink.) You've captured so much light and movement in your work. Love the photo of the alligator and your droll anecdote about the price to pay for feeding them. Your blog is always a great source of info and entertainment Diane - thank you!

Diane Mannion said...

Wendy! Was just thinking about YOU yesterday (great minds think alike)... sorry I've been out of touch. Busy season here.
I'm pleased that you understand the fear of the white space! Thought maybe I was the only one.
Have been having so much fun with watercolors! Even though I used them for illustration, it's freeing to paint whatever I want now, not caring if anyone likes it or not. But it's nice to know when someone does.