Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sally Painting

Sally Painting, 6x6" oil, ©Diane Mannion


#10 of 30/30.  Painted with the Peace River Painters at Artists Acres in Englewood yesterday.  Was in the low 30's!  Great chance to capture folks bundled up while working.  It was so cold I thought no one would show up but the place was filled with happy painters!

This is Sally Smith Yoder working in watercolors.  She recently moved out of the area and was visiting for the day.  Miss her a lot and so glad to have had a chance to see her.

I only had a few minutes to paint, at least I got a start on the spot.  (Family emergency called me away but that turned out fine.)  Was able to finish this painting later from iPhone reference photo.
Burnt sienna sketch was all I got done on location... started background later.

There were orchids blooming from tree trunks!  The pink one in front of Sally glowed in the morning sun.  It's roots had grown into the grooves of the tree bark.  And reference shot of Sally with orchid.

Artists Acres is private property.... thank you Mary Tracy for letting our group paint on the grounds.