Monday, February 27, 2017

No Swimming!

No Swimming! 9x12" oil, plein air, Diane Mannion

Boca Grande Lighthouse

Fabulous morning painting with the Peace River Painters!  Fresh breeze kept red tide offshore, artists dotted the beach (actually more artists than tourists!).  Sailboats scampered out the pass on choppy seas at the perfect time to be painted in!

I picked this view because I loved the No Swimming flag, a slash of bright red surrounded by dark green.  And the limited view of the lighthouse made for easier architectural rendering ( those front porch railings gave me lots of headaches on previous paintings).  

Used Tombow N15 and N55 markers for my thumbnail sketch in my Moleskin sketchbook because it doesn't bleed through the pages as much as the Copic markers did.  (Image on left is two minute pose from figure drawing session.)  This sketch showed I had to make lighthouse smaller. It's not pretty... simply visual notes and thinking on paper.  I like to make mistakes in these thumbnails rather on the canvas.  

My blissful view while painting on location.

A few artists during the gentle crit led by Sharon Yarbrough.  We learn a lot from each other!
Our group is open and free, and as Sharon said, "It's an AAA meeting for Artists Addicted to Art!"

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