Tuesday, April 11, 2017


LEE, 18x14" oil, ©Diane Mannion

LEE Long Pose

Had the pleasure of painting Lee during a long pose at the Southern Atelier last week.  Lee's an amazing model who had posed for Dan Thompson during his workshop.  Lee can sit for hours without moving!

But late in the day, her expression seemed stressed, which showed up in my painting.  Someone said, "Lee, you have cheekbones to kill for!" And at that instant, I happened to have my camera out and snapped a split second change in her expression!  That's what I used to finish the painting with. 

Underpainting with tired expression.  I wasn't happy with this at all, thank heavens for photo ref!  
I painted on a panel coated with left-over palette paint which was really rough.  Kept me from tightening up, especially in the background.  Had fun with the fan and dress!

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