Saturday, May 13, 2017


WILL, 16x16" oil, Diane Mannion

First of Eight

It's with sheer joy I'm able to start posting this project at last!  Client is happy with the paintings.  I was chosen to paint eight grandchildren because the client liked my work.  The first four are finished and I'm extremely pleased with them. 

Portrait commissions are the most difficult and challenging subject and artist can attempt… but this one went fairly smoothly.  Of course, I had to work from reference photos which I took myself.  Children can't hold still long enough to paint.  I wanted to capture their character as they visited their grandparents who live on the edge of the sunny Gulf of Mexico.

Eventually, all eight will hang together in two rows.  Painted on Ampersan museum quality panels which are gorgeous and don't need to be framed, about 1 1/2" deep, fine wood edges.

First four together… will post each one during the next few days.

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