Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Caution Seagrass!

Caution Seagrass! 6.5x8.5" pastel, studio study, Diane Mannion

Caution Seagrass Area!

Met a few artists at a local park last week and sketched on Canson Mi Teintes with an alcohol wash underpainting with mostly Nupastels.
Bay Harbor Sketch, 6x8" pastel, field study

Thumbnail sketch

Location snapshot

Later, back in the studio, I worked on Pastelmat and painted Caution Seagrass!  What struck me first about the site was the sharp blade of morning sunlight on the grass and the three palm trees.  Also liked the bit of orange on the Caution Seagrass Area float in the water warning boaters about the grass.  Dangerous stuff that seagrass!  

Photo didn't capture the color as I remembered it, and wasn't happy with the greens (darn greens!) in  my field study.  Used visual memory and imagination for the studio version.  Sort of happy with it.
Every painting is simply practice for the next...

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