Saturday, July 15, 2017


 Larry, 12x9" pastel from life, Diane Mannion

Venice Art Center Portrait Studio

So glad I went to the Venice portrait studio yesterday!  Happy to see a few artist buddies that haven't gone North for the summer.

Used Canson Mi Teintes, blue paper smooth side.  Sketched placement, roughed in color masses, then washed with alcohol and soft nylon brush.  The paper held up quite well, stretched flat because of the tape on four sides.  Finished with  Nupastels, Giraults, and Rembrants.  Susan let me test out a Terry Ludwig for my first time.  Will add to my shopping list.
Sally on left who fell off a flower pot is healing from a broken shoulder!  Thank heavens it wasn't her drawing arm!  Me and my half done pastel.  Model Larry in background.  Susan and Rita on right.  A few artists were taking a break… lots of talent there.

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