Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lemon Bay Park

Lemon Bay Park, 6x8" oil, plein air, Diane Mannion

Lemon Bay Under Purple Sky

Painted with Englewood artists this morning at a local park.  Had to do a bit of visual bush pruning so the bay would show using my artistic license again.  Also removed another palm tree and railings on a walkway.  But I'm happy with the general feeling of the location!  

The sky was magnificent!  Glowed with purples, blues, and a warm light yellow.  Thunderstorms were moving inland and away, helpful checking the weather app on my iPhone!  It was a treat painting with other artists.

I'm having a struggle getting used to water mixable oils but will persist.  Found they slow me down quite a bit.  I do use the appropriate water based medium and do not use any water after the underpainting.  Have found the colors not as intense as regular oils.  But the beauty of washing brushes later with soap and water is a plus!  Have only done three paintings with this medium so far and I'm pleased with the results.  Will keep at it, but never giving up regular oils!  
thumbnail sketch
Gopher tortoise crawled by checking out our paintings!

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