Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tracy's Shed

Tracy's Shed, 5x9" sketchbook gouache, DMannion

Artists Acres

Lovely morning painting with Englewood Plein Air Posse friends at Artists Acres.  Steve, Sharon and I were captivated with how red flowers on a bush glowed in the sun and how light spilled over the tin roof.  Steve painted a winner with watercolor and Sharon's oil shone with stunning colors.

Meanwhile, I struggled once again with gouache.  Had it half finished when we got the call to lunch at 
Boca Royal Country Club, about a dozen of us, not bad for off-season. 

Back in the studio, I finished… or rather fought the sketch to something blogable.  Had to cover over the orange acrylic underpainting (which covered another unexciting figure drawing).  Orange showing through took away from the dramatic red flowers.  Tracy's shed is so crooked that it makes my drawing look bad, so it's not my fault! At least I like the reworked version better. 

Have been working in gouache thinking it would be faster for sketching… not.  Meanwhile, working on large oils in the studio which I can't show right now, so little studies at least give me something to post.

Fresh from the field, plein air version
Thumbnail sketch

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