Sunday, October 1, 2017


Old Boats, oil, 6x8" Diane Mannion

Nanatuck 2017

What a creative week in Port Clyde, Maine!  Nanatuck's an artist's retreat organized by Mary Erickson and this was the second time I had the honor of joining.  I was surrounded by brilliant, energetic, and friendly Master artists.  Absorbed a wealth of inspiration and knowledge simply by peeking over a few busy shoulders.   Don Demers, Mary Erickson, Mark Fehlman, Robert Sloan, Neal Hughes, Daniel Ambrose, Jane Sither, Eielnne Basa… to name a few.

*Our group was deeply touched by meeting Helga, Andrew Wyeth's model!   Mark Fehlman gave me permission to use his FB photo.  "One of the highlights of our trip was having dinner with Helga of Andrew Wyeth fame.  She's a wonderful, energetic and creative soul."-Mark
Helga and Mark!

*Jane Sither and I visited the Olsen estate where Wyeth loved to work.  Heard the sounds… birds and wind whistling through the trees that he listened to while painting.  Felt sad Jane couldn't hear it also, but I could tell she felt the breeze and joy of the surroundings.  Jane's totally hearing-impaired, filled many notebooks sharing our adventure.
 Talented artist Jane Sither in front of Olsen house.  
 Olsen house window.  Guide inside allowing tourists to enter a few at a time.

*Went to the 100 Year Anniversary Andrew Wyeth Exhibition at the Farnsworth Museum, Rockland.
Wyeth had his eye on Jane Sither and me in front of the Farnsworth.
Jane and Me in Farnsworth garden.
Artists painting at sunrise!

*My Maine Sketches and Studies!
 Nanatuck Sunrise, 6x8" oil.
 Marshall Point Light, 5x7" oil
 Rocking Waves, 5x7" oil
 Maine Gator, 6x8" oil
Maine Splash, 5x7" oil
 Co-op Road, 6x8" oil
Nanatuck View, 6x8" limited palette
 Nanatuck View, 6x8" pastel
Nanatuck View, 6x8" watercolor/gouache
 Lobster Boat, Fog, 6x8" oil
Old Boats, 6x8" oil

My 30 sketches for September, there were more… but completed the Strada Easel 30 and the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge (Leslie Saeta) at the same time, ha!

Links to a few Nanatuck artists:

Mark Fehlman

Mary Erickson

Don Demers

Robert Simone

Neal Hughes

Daniel Ambrose

Eleinne Basa

Jane Sither

I know there were a few more artists, will post later.  And it was delightful meeting artist's partners, too!  Penny, Betsy, Anne!


Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

Wow! What a packed full post. Loved hearing about the experience and seeing all the wonderful work you completed.

Diane Mannion said...

So glad to hear from you Anne, thank you!