Thursday, September 6, 2018

Albritton Gallery Watercolor

Vulture on Gallery, watercolor, 3.5x6" in sketchbook, DMannion

The Thrill of Watercolor Plein Air

Totally enjoying the speed and ease of painting watercolor field studies in my sketchbook!  Sat under the back hatch of my Honda this morning and painted with the Englewood Plein Air Posse, chatted with other artists and was finished in less than an hour.  

Realizing that I'm simply doing a sketch, not a finished painting, takes all the pressure off.   Field studies for mornings and "serious" studio work for afternoons!   

Vultures were all over the Placida Fishery this morning, a creepy sign, this gallery and the buildings around it will soon disappear for a new construction project.  The Albritton Gallery was originally a country store and post office owned by the Cole family in the 1800's.  My maiden name is Cole, somewhere on the family tree I may be related.  I have painted in this area for over ten years and live only fifteen minutes away.   Will miss it... another piece of old Florida gone forever.  

Day 6 of Strada Easel Painting from Life Challenge, and Leslie Saeta's 9/18 30/30 


laurelle said...

Interesting and well-done study! Love the colors!

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you, Laurelle. Having fun re-discovering watercolor! So much easier to take outside than all my oil equipment.