Monday, September 10, 2018

Lemon Bay Park

Lemon Bay Park, sketchbook watercolor, DMannion

Along the Trail
Day 10 of 30/30

Wonderful place to paint in Englewood!  Good trails, lots of covered, shady picnic benches, and dogs allowed on leashes!  (Although some folks don't know how to read signs.)  
Stormy on guard, fine painting buddy!
   Have been experimenting with watercolor for this 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.  Only a few pages left in my non-watercolor Moleskine sketchbook.  It's forced me to be brief and not overwork because the paper can't handle too much fussing.  Will be a treat when I crack open my new watercolor paper sketchbook!  

Although I used watercolors as an illustrator for many years, it was an entirely different style and technique.  My main medium now for studio work and galleries is oil paint.  I've found these sketchbook experiments have forced me to loosen up and simplify.  Watercolor will add a new dimension to my oils.  One medium informs the other.

Watercolor has a mind of its own and often does what it wants no matter how hard I try to control its direction.  Easily overworked and often with disastrous results,  it's a joy watching happy accidents happen... when they do!

Strada Easel 30 Day Painting from Life Challenge, and Leslie Saeta's 30/30... 1/3 of the way through,
Day 10!

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laurelle said...

You're making me want to come see that area of Florida...just lovely!