Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dangers of Plein Air Painting #3

Tangerine Tree
6" x 4"
I enjoy painting with groups of people, but sometimes the location doesn't inspire me.  After searching the grounds of an over-grown motel garden, I fought the urge to leave and focused on a tangerine tree near my car.  Morning light filtered through the leaves into the dark shadows spotted with tangerines.  Dashed off this postcard size sketch before the mosquitos sent me running.  (Palette: cad red, cad yellow light, ultramarine blue, white).  So, Dangers of Plein Air Painting # 3: "There's nothing to paint."  Solution: Focus on how  light and color falls on one simple thing.  Do a postcard size painting.  Experiment with a limited palette.  And don't forget the bug spray.

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