Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pastel Experiment

Stan Again
12" x 9"
First of a series of pastel experiments.  Oils are my favorite medium but it's great practice to try something different.  Pastels are closer to drawing and can be spontaneous, like this sketch of Stan.  This is on Canson pastel paper, first lines with Nupastels and almost the rest with Rembrandts.  (I've had a fancy Rembrandt wooden box, about 400 colors, in the closet for years.  Each piece in order, neatly planted in protective foam.  Too intimidating!  Yesterday I snapped each piece in two, tore off the labels and tossed them in my old Guerrilla Painter 9x12, Cigar Box.  I like them much better now.  Just could not get the right red for Stan's headscarf... until I saw the perfect color in a friend's pastel box!  He snapped it in two and gave me half!  A new discovery: The Mount Vision Pastel Company!  What color!!!  And it's right here in Tampa.

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