Thursday, September 23, 2010

Manatee and Artist

Man and Manatee
4.5" x 9"
This is an artist friend reaching out and touching a manatee.  He said it came over and looked at him while it passed by.  The drawing is from a snapshot on Pastel Card, black sanded.  The water caused me lots of grief.  If I followed the photo too closely, it didn't look right.  Brushed it off twice with a bristle brush and finally painted it from memory and imagination.  Yes, the water is that color here in SW Florida and on this day crystal clear.  Below is another snapshot that shows the manatee's dark form.  One woman on the beach jumped up to warn that it might be a shark.  We have lots of those around too.
Artist and manatee photo I took with zoom lense.

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