Thursday, February 10, 2011

Foggy Morning

Foggy Motel
5" x 7"

      Always wondered about this place, tucked at the end of a parking lot at the edge of the beach.  Something sad and timeless, it had survived the building boom and was now surrounded by glitzy new buildings.  I had painted it before and when a group of plein air painters decided to go there this morning I hoped in the car.  But the fog was so thick, the waves on the beach were almost invisible.  No one else showed up to paint.  The flag solved part of the mystery for me, it wasn't flying the last time... POW MIA.  Tells a lot.  I was struck by the profile looking down on the table.  And someone, somewhere is still waiting.
      Here are the paintings I did a few years ago of the same motel, looks different with the sun out:

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