Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Class Trip

Ponce Park
8" x 10"
Took my Artists Bootcamp to Ponce De Leon Park to paint yesterday morning.  A good, brave group showed up with easels and paints.  It was cold and windy for Florida, had to anchor the easels, and wear sweatshirts and jackets.  Several students had never painted outside  and a few had never painted with oils.  Everyone loved it!  And that's the most satisfying thing about teaching.


Sonya Johnson said...

Oh, this scene looks so inviting...and warm! I'd love to paint it as well.

Yesterday morning, we had 2" of fresh snow on the ground here and temps in the 20's, so anything in FL sounds good to me ;).

Kathleen E Kelly said...

I enjoyed the morning so much too! And when you look on my blog, you'll see I actually worked on enhancing it, which I don't normallly do. It was FUN! Next week I'm definitely bringing my french easel, it's a lot sturdier!

DMannion said...

Sonya, thank you! But snow is so much fun to paint. Covers the clutter and simplifies the colors. Almost miss it.

DMannion said...

I'm so glad you could make it, Kathleen. We have a great group. Loved Dick's idea of drilling holes in his French easel drawer to hold his brushes! Hopefully it won't be as windy next Tuesday. Remember to bring lunch so we can paint after.