Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Jarring Experience

Two Hour Jar
7" x 5"
Just had to paint this jar again after the Ten Minute Jar challenge (previous post)... and work on it as long as I wanted.  Really missed that ticking timer!  Felt like my brush was moving in slow motion.  And it was hard to know when to stop.  Could have kept going another two hours.  Used this painting and my Ten Minute Jar painting for my demo today at the Punta Gorda Visual Arts Center.  While talking, I worked on still another painting of this jar.  (Yes, I'm getting tired of looking at it).  Then, when I was packing to leave, someone knocked both paintings off their easels.  Thick, fresh wet paint!  A jarring experience, indeed.  Had to touch this one up on the lettering, but both survived.

1 comment:

Jacki Newell said...

Diane, I love this jar and I love the 10 minute challenge jars. They are my favorite of all the entries on the challenge page! Keep up the great work