Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Morning Class Demo

Gilcrest Park
6" x 8"
Painted while teaching.  Demonstrated how I arrive at a composition while drawing with a brush, thinned ultramarine blue and simple lines.  Then mixed up puddles of color on my palette using ultramarine blue, cad red light, cad yellow light, and white.  Getting to know a basic palette makes a good foundation (and is the fastest way for a new painter to learn, then add all the extra tubes of exotic colors later on.  I've painted a chart of the dozens of colors I own on the inside lid of my pochade box for easy reference).  
Painted sky, then dark masses, remembering to squint a lot to simplify the view.  Had student pose for figure in bandstand and standing on sidewalk for scale.  Explained that a plein air painting doesn't have to look like a photograph... it's an impression, a reflection of that time in the morning, a visual note taking experience.  Wonderful to see so many students arrive with new paintbox easels. 

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