Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mahogany Seed Pod

Mahogany Seed Pod
4" x 6"
Yesterday while we were painting, someone noticed a spindly, young tree in the park that had a dozen very large pods hanging on it.  No one could figure out what they were, didn't look like a fruit, were very hard and about five to six inches long.

Took one home and John knew right away what it was... "Mahogany pod."  Leave it to a woodworker to know this stuff.  And he remembered when we parked under a mahogany tree in Fort Myers and how loud the pods sounded hitting the car, leaving dents.

Florida's a dangerous place... falling coconuts, crashing Royal Palm fronds, and now we have to worry about mahogany pods.
Long ago, mahogany forests were plentiful in Florida, cut down for wood... now an endangered species.  I'm glad many are being replanted, but in parking lots?

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Ruth Andre said...

Love your paintings.