Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Before and After

Purple Flower

Started this painting about a year ago as a class demo and it stayed in a pile of unfinished paintings waiting to be painted over.  I recycle old paintings I don't like by turning them upside down and starting new ones right on top.  Sometimes, happy color accidents happen with this method.  But I liked the composition and colors of this old demo.  Finished it today using some of the new painting methods I've learned from the Weekly Challenge on   The Challenge has filled my head with a lot of new techniques and it will take some time to absorb them into my "style," whatever that is.  Great learning new things, guess if you think you know it all your finished, and how boring would that be! 
Below is the "before" version:
First sketched with ultramarine blue, then added come local colors.  Changed the handle on the flower  vase to strengthen the composition.  Had to make up a lot about the lighting because it was a different setup, but still had most of the objects.
Apology:  In my haste to post, I neglected to remove the nickels that held my finished painting off the scanner!  But it is a useful trick for scanning wet paintings!

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