Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Portrait Demo

Mahogany Woman
Entered this painting into the Portrait Society of America competition this morning.  The woman is my student who painted with me the day we found the mahogany seed pods in the park.  Yes, this is Florida and we do have cowboys.  This woman lives on a ranch and has horses.  It was a cold, winter morning the day we painted.  Couldn't resist painting her outfit.
The painting was a struggle, wiped off the face and painted it over and over.  It really is not a good likeness of the model, but I wanted to show a strong woman with character and that's what I got.  The outfit and background painted themselves.  Below are a few steps in the process:
Stage 1, drawing with brush and raw sienna
Stage 2, flat color with white, black, yellow ochre, alizarin

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