Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bird in a Bag

Bird in a Bag
Pink Canary
Got a tour of a breeder's canary rooms yesterday and my heart went out to a pink one.  Had no intention of getting another bird, so I had left my tiny travel cage at home.  No problem, said the breeder, putting my bird in a bag. 

My pink canary had plenty of ventilation from the webbing and peeked out at me all the way home.  And it worked well with my husband thinking I was only bringing home some potatoes and not another darn bird.  But it didn't take long before he noticed the bright pink new one in the flight cage.  He's singing right now, the canary, not my husband, who didn't seem to mind much at all.   And thanks to a friend's suggestion, I've named him "Spuds."
      So I felt compelled to immortalize the potato bag and illustrate my blog story.  Is this then an illustration or a painting... and is there really a difference?  



Sonya Johnson said...

Haha - what a great story, Diane! I have never owned birds, but these little guys always make me smile when I see them. I can see how you couldn't resist adding "Spuds" to your avian family.

Your painting is an illustration, a painting and a story - all told as a visual narrative.

DMannion said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Sonya!

Jerry Stocks said...

Can't remember how I found your blog, but I love everything. I live in Beaufort, SC, and there is a person here who does nothing but restore air stream trailers. I really like your Bird in a Bag painting.