Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly Challenge 7

Fabric and Roses
This weeks challenge was tough!  Paint a white object and show the reflections.  Painted Sunday and then wiped it out.  Started over today.  Learned a lot from my mistakes.  Every painting, even if it's a wipeout is just practice for the next one.  Wish I could paint faster.
Had this piece of fabric for years and never know what to do with it until now.  It was a challenge to get it to work with the soft colored still life.  But had fun painting the roses.  Thanks to Carol Marine's suggestion ( a wonderful Dailypaintworks artist, find her in the link below)... just paint the general color first, then add the dark "bits" and then add the light "bits."  I also squinted a lot to see the warm and cool colors, and values, too.  This painting will be available when it dries.  Please email me for details.  Thanks!


Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

I ahve one thing to say out loud WOW!!!!

Sonya Johnson said...

This is just wonderful, Diane! Definitely one of my favorites so far :). I love the bright colors in the fabric, and the way you did the roses, etc.