Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Rose Project

White Rose
Demo that I embarrassed myself with during my small paintings class yesterday.  Gave each student a white rose.  (tip: although I don't like artificial flowers, they hold up well under the lights, don't wilt, and force the artist to use memory and imagination.  And are cheap.)  My demo was a paint-along.  Had students mix puddles of paint to match dark, light, and medium values on their palettes before starting.  The rose was set on a sheet of white paper.  White on white forces the eye to search for warms, cools, and values.  Everything was fine and dandy.  Mixed up my puddles and started to paint wondering why my colors looked so, well, dull?  In the dim light of the classroom, realized I had dipped my brush into the burnt sienna, instead of the alizarin crimson.  My face turned crimson to match and I had a lot of work to salvage the colors in my demo.  Not my favorite painting, but the students endured the torture of the project and happily left with roses to practice with.

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