Monday, April 18, 2011

Jarring Series #2

Frog Jam
Killing two frogs with one stone, I painted this for my Jarring Series and The Color Challenge at:  Found this jar at a local market stand, Amish FROG JAM is actually figs, raspberries, oranges, and ginger (for those with a weak stomach).  Haven't tasted it yet... gave it to a friend, so I'll have to buy another.
I only used ultramarine blue as dark value, cadmium scarlet as middle value, and cadmium yellow as light... AND NO WHITE (not even the white of the gessoed board).  Just wanted to see what would happen... has a nice, froggy glow. 


Linda Popple said...

This really caught my eye! Your color scheme is beautiful and rich! Very nice!!

DMannion said...

Thank you, Linda. It was strange painting without white. I had to do another right away using white and a different red (so I could mix a better purple... I can't live without purple) which I'll post tomorrow. This one has the effect of looking through yellow cellophane. Fun doing these experiments which will be useful to show to my students next session.