Saturday, April 16, 2011

Englewood Paintout

Englewood Lion

Painted with Ringling's Englewood Art Center today.  Started this at 9 and finished at 1... phew!  I'm more comfortable with 8x10 inches.  That's the painter Judith Hamm in the background who finished one and started another!  Maybe she was using bigger brushes.  The shop in the middle is the Englewood Frame Shoppe and that's one of John's cabinets in the window.  I sold a big painting there last week.  The worst part of this competition, and this is my third year, is that artists must paint in assigned spots.   I  got lucky to be in front of our friend's shop.  The paintings from the paintout will be on display at the Art Center for a few weeks.   I'll give more details tomorrow.

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