Friday, April 15, 2011

Gerber Jar

Gerber Jar

For fun and practice and because I'm obsessed with small jars lately... I'm doing A Jarring Series.  Think this started with the Dailypaintworks ten minute challenge when I painted a little jar.  I also love to paint glass.  Sold a large painting yesterday (yay!) and had some extra change in my pocket so I ransacked all the neighborhood antique shops for old bottles to paint.  Have an inspiring collection that will keep me busy for weeks.  The Gerber jar was just an old one my husband kept spices in.  I've searched all the cupboards for interesting specimens.  Found a great ginger jam jar at the food store.  Oh, and this morning... found FROG jam!  Fig, raspberries, orange, and ginger jam.  This Jarring Series will be great on toast.

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Sonya Johnson said...

Oh, I can't wait to see this series, Diane! You do a wonderful job of painting glass, and this painting is a good example of that. I've never tried myself (looks difficult!), but your series might inspire me to give it a try.