Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No Wave Painting Today, Sorry.

Betty, 6x6" oil

Spent the morning painting waves at the beach.  Stood my easel at the edge of the surf and looked straight out at the blue green water.  The sparkling waves glittered in the sun.  Cerulean blue sky with perfect puffy clouds.  Trouble was, nothing held still... think I painted ten different versions on the same 8x10 inch panel.  My mind could see what I wanted to paint but my brushes wouldn't produce.  Snapped a few photos and went home thinking I could touch the painting up and pull it through, but the photos did not capture the form and movement and color I saw.  So today was a total wipeout.  Doesn't happen that often, thank heavens.  But I'm determined to spend more time at the beach  painting waves until I get them right.  So today's daily painting is a portrait of Betty I did a few weeks ago.  Sorry.

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Paintdancer said...

Lovely job, Diana. I painted her the second week. She had beautiful skin tones and it was relaxing to paint her because she seemed so serene.