Thursday, May 19, 2011

Plein Air with Gators

Koi Pond, 6x6" oil
Painted at a local nursery this morning with two other brave artists while alligators croaked in a nearby lake (sounding like dogs or giant bullfrogs).  We were told there were about seven or eight gators around and to keep an eye out, one was about nine feet long.  It's the middle of mating season and they're CRANKY! 
Gators had even been seen in the little koi pond I was painting.  Wondered how koi could still be there and was told they have caves to hide in.  So we spent the morning keeping one eye on our work and the other looking out for giant, hungry, horny snappers.  We could have been dragged away as gator snacks or worse.  "How we suffer for our art," Ginny said at lunch.

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Sue said...

My gosh - braving alligators for the love of painting. That's true devotion.

Diane, I love your paintings, and this one is a real beauty. You're an inspiration. Thanks for posting them online.