Friday, June 3, 2011


Sailing Clouds, 6x6" oil
      Second painting from yesterday... dashed off as fast as the clouds raced by.  Wanted to try painting the sky as the main focus and this was a perfect chance.  And because it was almost time leave, I didn't overwork it.  It captured that brief moment of time just before noon in a loose (difficult for me) sketchy style.  Spent several hours on yesterday's post, the Blue Boat, and am much happier with this simple half-hour painting.  Hate to use the overused term, "it's fresh," but that's part of it's charm and what I love about plein air studies.  Could be a field study for a larger painting, or stand on it's own as it is. 
      Was amazed how the color of the water turned to turquoise with purple cloud shadows when the slant of light changed, earlier it seemed much darker and greener.  And loved how the mangrove island reflected the sun and cloud shadows.  
      Next time I paint out, hope to keep the speed and energy of this one.  Perhaps, the old kitchen timer would help.  Or having a painting buddy packing to leave and saying, "I'm not rushing you."  Thanks, Ginny, you helped make this one work.

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Sonya Johnson said...

Oh, a cloudscape! One of my favorite subjects to paint, ever. I love it, Diane; the freshness may be a oft-used term, but it is apropos for this piece.