Thursday, June 2, 2011

Morning Plein Air

Blue Boat, 6x6" oil
Back to Chadwick Park with the Lemon Bay Plein Air Painters this morning and it was breezy and delightful!  Painted view across the channel to circa '50's or '60's fishing boat.  Captain of a nearby crab boat walked by and waved.  Painted him in for scale... his turquoise shirt was perfect.  Scene is drastically simplified, just painted gray where the clutter was but left the orange and yellow buckets and wheelbarrow in for color accents.  This painting was first sketched with magenta, like how a little shows through and ties the piece together.
Finished and moved to the end of the Park to paint another with Ginny.  She tackled the water and sun glare with grace and sparkle.  I managed to slap down a few clouds and boats and we left while the lunch crowd arrived but before the meter ran out.

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