Saturday, June 25, 2011

Portrait Studio Oil

Venice Native, 10x8" oil
      Painted at the Venice Art Center's Portrait Studio.  Model is one of those rare Floridian natives and actually born in Venice.  Lucky guy!  Although he's on the staff of the art center, he should change his career and become a full time professional model.  He has the talent to sit still (the artists had to beg for a break) and also fall back into a pose in the precise position.
       I altered my technique by brushing on thick paint and letting it stay without much blending, letting the strokes create visual energy and movement.  And for finishing, slashed the palette knife on the shirt and hat.  A lot easier than the portrait of Mary which had to be reworked from a photo, this painting was finished completely from life and not altered at all.  Pure alla prima, wet into wet in one sitting!  Love it when this happens. 

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