Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday Plein Air

American Lotus, 8x10" oil
Painted with a couple of artists Sunday morning at the Jacaranda Library near the pond.  Not a speck of water was showing, the pond was thick with tall, American Lotus flowers blooming in all their glory.  Walking along the edge I noticed an area where the alligators flattened the plants while traveling in and out of the pond.  We couldn't see them but bet they were watching us!  While I was painting, a young raccoon stood on it's hindquarters right in front of me sniffing the paint before roaming off again in search of breakfast frogs.  Fiddled with this painting at home and not really thrilled with it.  But like remembering the image of the raccoon standing next to that large lotus flower in the foreground.  Some paintings are simply visual journal entries.

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