Monday, July 11, 2011

Gulfwave Series Demo

DMannion, Gulfscape #5, 8x16" oil
      Took photos of each stage of this painting (see demo below).  First stage was ultramarine blue and linseed oil painted on gessoed panel, then wiped off to show composition.  The following stages show how I worked each session, from one to two hours each. 


Susan Roux said...

Thanks for showing your steps. I'm going on Thursday for my first attempt. I'm not expecting much, but hope to have fun. The biggest setback might be the wind...

See me making excuses already??

DMannion said...

Don't worry about wind... it has its upside, making you squint more... which is a good thing for artists to do, so I've been told.

Looking forward to seeing your waves, Susan.