Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wave Painting Practice or What To Do With Leftover Paint

DMannion, Gulfscape #6, 6x6" oil
Demo below...
      Had lots of left over paint on my palette from yesterday's painting.  I usually take a palette knife and mix all the colors together making a pile in the corner, not including the original, clean colors around the edge, just the piles of different colors I've mixed.  Ended up with a warm purplish pile and a cool blue pile.  Thought I'd use them up on another little painting, didn't, so now there's another leftover pile.  And I hate to waste paint so I'll have to keep painting.
      Wave painting is close to abstract painting.  The colors are pushed from warm to cool, the shapes are simplified, and patterns and movement are stressed... almost to the breaking point (and break they did with this breaker).  It happened like an accident, standing back and squinting, I saw things that weren't planned, but worked.  So I let it stay.  And John likes it, so there!
      And here's a progression demo.  First image is a composition and movement diagram done with the leftover purple paint pile.  Started this in a different way than the wipe-off method used in yesterday's demo.  

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