Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Venice Beach, Florida

DMannion, Sea Turtle Nests, 6x6" oil

      It's sea turtle nesting season in Florida.  Early in the morning, volunteers walk miles along the beaches following turtle tracks out of the Gulf.  The nests are dug up and each egg carefully counted and returned, then marked with stakes and colorful plastic ribbons.  I lived on an island for a few years and it was the custom to dig up the eggs, put them in coolers until they hatch and release them later.  This protected them from raccoons, fire ants, and dogs... at least that was the theory.  But now there's a law against that and also another problem.  Who would have guessed coyotes would be a major threat in Florida for sea turtles.  Coyote tracks have been reported all along the coast around destroyed nests.
      Many nests are also destroyed during hurricane season.  And the nest in this painting near the surf may not make it either.  But the report is good that there is an extremely high nest count this year.  
      Here's a link for further information on Florida's sea turtles:

Currently available at Melange Gallery, 252 Tampa Ave W, Venice Fl 34285


Louise M. said...

Very interesting story behind this beautiful painting.

Kim C Pelletier said...

I love this one – How you simplified it and it’s colours.
The theme surrounding the ocean water is an interesting one, too.