Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fat Cats

Diane Mannion, FAT CATS, 6x8" oil
      While I was painting in a rather upscale area of the historic district in Punta Gorda, Florida... these cats decided I was something new and interesting to watch.  Their heads followed the movement of my brush strokes.  Actually, there were three cats lined up thinking I was quite entertaining to watch... until I turned and aimed my camera at them.  One immediately left with his nose and tail in the air, quite put off that someone would take their photograph in front of their very own house.  The two remaining, painted above, pretended that I was not there at all and ignored me to the best of their abilities.  Notice, no eye contact, just a sideways glance, even in the photo.  Only the tail tips flicked and the ears were held back like they couldn't stand to look at me.  They disappeared soon after.
      Started this painting while teaching a class to demonstrate how to work from photos without becoming a gigantic copy machine. 

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