Monday, May 13, 2013


Diane Mannion, Greenhouse, 8x10" oil/linen, 100% plein air
I love greenhouses!  Best place to spend a Mother's Day Sunday afternoon.  My mom and daughters live on opposite sides of the country, so visiting could only happen over the phone.  This is the Sarasota Succulent Gardens which opened for a high tea and plant sale.  Woman and daughters paraded in long skirts and hats while a few of us, ragtag painters from the Light Chasers plein air group,  slung paint at canvases.

This is my favorite, perfect Mother's Day iPhoto shot of the day!  That's actually an artist that didn't paint... went to tea with her beautiful daughter, instead.

Terry Mason took this photo of me painting in all my glory.

And here I am again!  Dressed in my finest gardening hat and tee shirt with my painting/website  printed on my chest.  Yes, I've become a human billboard...

Here's my painting half-way.  I should have stopped here!!!

Finished painting.  I like both stages... just painted two paintings on one!  But still wish someone had taken my brush away at the above stage.

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Unknown said...

It's so lovely! The composition is very intricate, but flows along wonderfully. Nice job, and Happy Mothers Day!