Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sun Blasted

Diane Mannion, SUN BLASTED, 16x20" o/c

Morning sun breaks through clouds, rakes across dunes signaling another hot SW Florida day.  Gathered color notes on a small field study and later, created this larger studio version.  Getting gutsy with color and having a blast!

The small plein air painting sold right away, so I worked from a photo I took of it.  Here's the studio progression series:
Studio scene with print of painting and also on flat screen tv.  Started with thin wash using Gamsol.
Blocked in darks and pattern rhythms.  Started sky.
Painted with transparent Indian yellow where greens will be and a bit on the sand.
Started working in the greens.
 And finished.
Reworked sky, finished water, sun-blasted lights.  The most difficult part of this painting was stopping here!!!  So tempting to overwork, but I love the loose feeling.  Darn happy with this!  And rather than recreating my little study... an entirely new painting happened.

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Unknown said...

The shadows and light... I really admire how you bring those out. You're such a good artist!