Sunday, June 23, 2013

#77 Venice Beach Birds

 Diane Mannion, #77 Venice Beach Birds, 11x14" oil on canvas
This painting was a Dailypaintworks Facebook pick of the day.... YAY!!!!

A client wanted a larger version of the painting below that had already been sold, this is my new interpretation.  Interesting to take an old favorite, enlarge it, not as a copy, but shift it in a different direction.  New painting has warmer colors, brighter light, more birds, and is more dynamic. 

I'm pleased with both versions and plan on enlarging more small studies during the summer.

Older version:
 Diane Mannion, Caspersen Beach, 6x8" oil on canvas, sold

Fortunately, I had a jpg of the older version and painted from the flat screen tv.  
This is the underpainting.

Second layer... canvas looks a little wavy but will flatten out when mounted.
The rest of the layers didn't photograph well... so this is it!


Maria Bennett Hock said...

love seeing the new life breathed into an older piece. I like both of them for different more dynamic and one more calm and soothing. Very nice!

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks, Maria. Wonderful feeling painting from an old favorite and seeing how much technique has changed or how much the painting can be improved. A great exercise! The original was 2008... a lot of canvas miles have been covered since.