Monday, June 24, 2013


Diane Mannion,  Texaco, 6x6" oil on panel, 100% plein air.
This painting was a Dailypaintworks Facebook pick of the day... second painting in two days.
I'm so pleased.

A hungry cat followed me around the seedy grounds of the Navigator this morning while I searched for an interesting subject.  Haven't painted in this marina since 2009 and the difference was pretty sad.  Slips were empty except for a neglected sailboat without a mast, and two or three un-picturesque power boats.  Even the small cottages across the canal lacked the charm and character of a few years ago.  Gone were the interesting antique boats tied up to their docks.  An alligator watched and kept pace with my walk along the dock, hoping, I'm sure... I'd slip in and join him for breakfast.

A few other artists arrived, set up their easels and happily painted away, simply thrilled to be outside pushing brushes.  In no time at all, Sharon created a beautiful painting complete with a blue fish.  Connie splashed gorgeous watercolors on her sketchpad.  A man in a straw hat painted outside for the very first time while his wife waited with their little dog..."that doesn't bite, only snips."  I looked for Kathy but never found her... she must have found something great to paint.

Totally uninspired, I settled for the Texaco sign which formed the wall of an overgrown shed.   I liked the red and how the light bounced off the roof and the shadow pattern on the grass.  Painted fast... mainly because some GIGANTIC mega huge hornets were buzzing around my head.  One landed on a leaf next to my elbow so I took care not to make any sudden moves.  

 Here's a snapshot of my subject.  
Left out the letters and condensed the space using my artistic license.
Here's the hungry gator!  About 8-9 feet long, I think.
And here's the 2009 painting which is the view across the canal where the gator is swiming... and in 2009 a manatee, instead.
Diane Mannion, Manatee Rising, 10x8" oil, 2009.
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shirley fachilla said...

Painting fast with a gator circling while uninspired created such a fresh and lively work! The colors and brushwork sing.

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you for your really nice comment, Shirley!