Saturday, June 15, 2013

First Street and Palm

 Diane Mannion, First Street and Palm, 8x10" oil on linen

Painted in Boca Grande for an hour and a half yesterday, unfortunately the spot where I set up was covered with white shells that set off a blinding glare.  Lesson learned... beware of glare!  Painted with sunglasses in the next location but eyes were too burned out from first.  Was a wipeout but enough information gained to work up a studio version.

 I painted this because I loved the blue shutters and the turquoise flower pot on the porch.  It was a pleasure pulling it together in the studio... like a flash back to illustration days.  Tighter and more fussed over than a plein air, but I'm happy with the sunny effect and how I captured the charm of the neighborhood. 

A white cat scooted by while I painted, a baby iguana crossed the road, and a nice man said, "Fine job, that's my favorite house!"  Folks were riding by in golf carts heading to the beach, busy town even though it's off season.

Thumbnail sketch: 

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