Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Diane Mannion, MOM AND CHICK, 6x6" oil on panel


After living in Florida for over twenty years, I've only seen flamingos once, at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens during Christmas season.  

These two were part of a flock sleeping off late night festivities.  The Gardens are filled with blinking lights and noisy tourists until late, so the birds nap during the day.  With necks twisted around their backs and standing on one leg... they look like feathered lollipops!  

And killing two birds with one stone (HA!)... this painting and the notan sketch are for the Weekly Challenge.

 NOTAN.  Black and white thumbnail sketch to determine dark and light value patterns.

First stage: Roughed in with mostly transparent colors.  Then wiped off here and there with a paper towel, covered with plastic wrap and put in freezer over night (keeps paint wet so I can continue in an alla prima style.  Wet into wet.) 

Final stage:  Lightened some of the dark values so color could be seen.  I have a conflict between painting in an impressionist/colorist style... or a realistic, light and dark value one.  If the darks are pushed too far the colors are lost.  Same thing happens with the lightest value colors that become over-bleached.  It's always balancing act... color or values?

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