Friday, August 30, 2013

Great Blue Heron

Diane  Mannion, Great Blue Heron, 6x6" oil on panel


Another bird for my series.  I came across this heron one morning on the edge of Lemon Bay.  Snapped a lot of reference photos as he wandered through the mangroves and slowly stepped into the cool, shallow water.  He didn't seem bothered by me at all.  Fabulous feathery model! 

Painted background with transparent orange oxide and ultramarine.  Wiped off here and there with tissues.  Wanted to see how little green I could get away with in the foliage, barely suggesting green.  Only painted a hint of ultramarine and cad lemon leaves then blurred into background.

Blurred edges of bird where dappled sunlight hit... then blended into background for atmospheric effect in an attempt to paint the thick, humid Floridian air.

Quite pleased with this one!  Applause please.

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