Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Let It Fly

Diane Mannion, Let It Fly, 6x6" oil on panel

There are No Ravens in Florida!  

 Another entry for the Dailypaintworks Weekly Challenge.  

Experimented with brushwork and color, movement and style.  Again, used a limited palette... Indian yellow, cad red, Winsor Blue, and white.  Same palette as yesterday's post (NEVERMORE) except for Indian yellow instead of cad yellow.

Googled millions of raven images for reference and used bits of information from all.  There are no ravens in Florida!  I really prefer working from my own images, but had no choice.  Was tempted to change him into a crow... lots of crows in Florida, but wanted to stay true to the DPW Raven Challenge.

And this raven nearly got away from me!  Started flying parallel to the picture frame, changed its flight pattern mid-painting, and angled towards the background, instead.  Bird had a mind of its own... so I let him go.

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