Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Diane Mannion, NOVA SCOTIA, 6x6" o/c

The Daily Paintworks Challenge this week is to paint a house once lived in.  

Once upon a time, I lived in this house near Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Found it on Google map! and happy to see it's exactly like it used to be.  Had been an inn for a stage coach stop.   The Prince of Wales had slept there and scratched his initials on a windowpane.  Delphiniums in every shade of blue lined the driveway.

Have fond memories of my daughters playing in the yard.  And not so fond memories of blood stained faces from black fly bites!

"Mommy, the trees are walking," Betsy said, one windy day as a tall stand of pines swayed on the other side of the pond.  

Held Jana, bundled in blankets by a window upstairs one chilly night.  Watched moonlight sparkle on snow as I rocked her to sleep in an orange rocking chair.  And in the morning by the kitchen window, she practiced spoon-handling skills by flinging cereal against the windowpanes.

Didn't live there very long...  but glad to paint this piece of my story.

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