Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fear of Clouds

Diane Mannion, Fear of Clouds, 8x10" oil on canvaS
#4 of the 30/30 Challenge
This painting (and #2 Ariel) was a DPW FB Pick of the Day... it's such an honor.


Had lots of cloud painting practice today... there are at least a dozen paintings under this one.  I have a fear of painting clouds!  They don't stand still, so spent several hours chasing them across the sky as the light changed.  

Planted my easel on the edge of the Gulf thinking if Diana Nyad could swim across it, I could at least paint a few clouds.  Not so easy.  

 Here's my idyllic spot in Boca Grande.



Sandy said...

Nice location diane and I like your cloud painting along with your comment about Nyad.

Phyllis Russell Franklin said...

I love the movement in your clouds and the birds just add that life breath needed.

Wendy Barrett said...

Hi Dianne,
I love your lovely soft clouds, you've really captured a great atmosphere. Love the flock of birds and boat as well.

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you for your comment, Sandy! Was wonderful about Nyad last weekend! And at 64!

Phyllis, I noticed the birds while painting that some looked light and some dark, depending on how the sun hit them. Your comment means a lot to me.

Thanks, Wendy. That boat buzzed by while I was painting, memorized it and put it in last. This painting was really a struggle, so I'm pleased with your comment and others!